Business partners

Through our Indo Dutch collaboration we can combine Indian ingenuity with Dutch water technology.

LOTUSHR is supported by several business partners that provide us with technical solutions, materials and their superior expertise in their respected fields. We are proud to introduce to you, in no particular order our business partners:



LeAF has joined the LOTUSHR project to assist with developing local natural wastewater treatment systems that are applicable in urban areas and that allow for reuse of effluent. This way LeAF contributes to a more sustainable environment and the circular economy. In addition, we will get valuable insights into practical application of innovative natural wastewater treatment systems.


Waste contributes to the LOTUSHR project by providing inputs on the economics of the proposed solutions for polluted city drainage canals. Both by solid waste and untreated wastewater. How can the solution be financed and how can the operation & maintenance be covered in the local context? Can it be turned into a business with different revenue generators to cover operation & maintenance and perhaps (part of the) investment cost. If so, can it be scaled to other cities having similar problems?


Heineken is supporting the LOTUSHR project as it fits with our ‘Brew a Better World’ campaign where water and wastewater treatment key priorities are. Especially the availability of clean water in local urban watersheds is important for us. Collaboration with stakeholders is essential to ensure water security for all and is the way forward.

Het Water laboratorium (HWL)

By supporting the LOTUSHR project valuable information on the assessment of the microbiological water quality of treated waste water with an artificial recharge system for reuse purposes will become available. We supports LOTUSHR with our expertise in water safety and quality monitoring.”

Nijhuis Industries

The LOTUSHR project fits our mission to help our customers to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources by turning cost into profit and create the most economical business case. By sharing our expertise in solid liquid separations, we contribute to the ambitions of LOTUSHR


We consider the LOTUSHR project of high interest, because it is in line with our core objectives regarding applying bio regenerative life support space technology from the MELiSSA research consortium designed for long term human Mars missions for terrestrial applications including safe water supply, poverty/malnutrition alleviation, resource recovery and safe sanitation.


Drainblock is committed to deliver pragmatic, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions that tackle everyday water issues. Drainblock solutions are flexible and easy to use under all circumstances. Our systems do not need energy or moving parts and are 100% natural and environmental friendly. Within the LOTUSHR program we are able to further develop our low-cost, high impact water treatment solutions to provide better water quality for everyone.


RIKILT’s core objectives is to secure safe and authentic food. We are specialized in analysis and measurement methods for examining food or water for the presence of specific substances. By sharing our expertise with the LOTUSHR project, we can further development our analytical techniques and tests for efficient removal of organic micropollutants.

Greenyard horticulture

Greenyard is a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit & vegetables, flowers, plants and growing media. Our vision is to make live healthier by helping people enjoy fruit & vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, whilst fostering nature. By investing in innovation, we are making an important contribution to a more sustainable world. With our participation in the LOTUSHR project, we are committing ourselves to the development of novel techniques for the removal of micropollutants from water and contribute in this way to better living conditions.

Kilian Water

As a key player on the Dutch market for constructed wetlands Kilian Water participates on a regular basis in innovative, educative and showcase projects. In this particular case the focus on reuse of effluent has been the trigger to take part. With more than two decades of experience in waste water treatment and reuse by means of vertical flow constructed wetlands we nevertheless expect to learn from this project.